We are officially EFILE and CRA Certified

You can receive your refund faster with EFILE.

Filing with EFILE is more efficient and effective that filing with NETFILE. Why? NETFILE platforms file under your name, howver with EFILE your return is filed under our firm and often we can see the results immediately.

What is the difference between EFILE and NETFILE?

NETFILE is a transaction between the CRA and the individual taxpayer.  It allows individual Canadians to file their personal income tax return directly to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) using the Internet.  NETFILE is intended for use by those who prepare their own tax returns and perhaps those of a few family members.

For more information on NETFILE, visit www.netfile.gc.ca.

EFILE is designed for those who prepare and file income tax on behalf of others. The CRA requires firms such as Virtual Saskatchewan CPA to  become an electronic filer and use EFILE certified tax software, to file client returns.

For more information on EFILE,  visit www.efile.cra.gc.ca.

EFILE and CRA Approved

We have experience in filing accurate returns. You can be assured in filing with us and our CRA EFILE approved process. EFILE is only used by CRA approved tax preparers, are you ready to get started?