Virtual Saskatchewn CPA is a convenient and reliable way to file online!

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No longer are the days of filing online alone. Our tax professionals work around the clock to ensure you have the best return possible!

Our easy step by step online process will help us prepare and optimize your tax position.

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Get your refund faster with Virtual Saskatchewan CPA!

We use all the latest technology along with a Certified Professional Accountant to help you maximize your return.

Virtual Saskatchewan CPA is EFILE and CRA certified which allows us to file your return faster from our Accounting Firm.

Filing with us is fast and easy. All returns are sent back to you for approval in a timely manner..

Once approved, we use EFILE to file your return with the CRA. You can receive your refund in as little as 5 business days!

Get your refund faster with Virtual Saskatchewan CPA!

Filing with us is the same as filing with a big accounting firm

Our accounting firm has helped clients throughout Canada.

Once we process your return, we will also follow up with your notice of assessment and see the job through to the end.

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Typically, when you file online through Turbotax, Simpletax, and Ufile you are filing alone. Their systems try to help you with missing deductions, but you can never be too sure if your return is accurately done.

At Virtual Saskatchewan CPA will not only process but focus on optimizing your tax position for you.

We use the latest technology

At our firm we have invested in the latest technology to minimize errors, to increase efficiency and accuracy of filing returns. Our software and processes are compliant with CRA guidelines.